Video Gallery

Watching council debates on important matters is one of the best ways to see what Peter and the incumbent council members stand for and how they vote. The following are video clips of debates on selected issues / development proposals and videos that Peter has prepared and posted on Facebook.

Proposed development of the old fire hall site
24 August 2018

Parking issues in downtown Sidney
19 August 2018

Whether to seek consent of the electorate for borrowing up to $10 Million for the new Community Safety Building
22 August 2016

Short term vacation rental (STVR)
discussion at Committee of the Whole 12 March 2018

Peter’s comments during debate about Sidney’s participation under proposed changes to the CRD Arts Service bylaw
Committee of the Whole 6 March 2017

Proposed rezoning of 2225 Malaview Ave. to CD42 zone to allow 3 small lots for single family homes with carriage suites
Committee of the Whole 15 January 2018

OCP amendment to allow bonus density for 9716 Third St. This debate took place during the density review which resulted in the change to density based on Floor Area Ratio (FAR).
Council 6 September 2016

Peter proposing the creation of an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) in the OCP amendment to protect the Great Blue Heron nesting colony located near 2325 Harbour Road.
Council 28 May 2018

Discussion of the agreement for sale of the old fire hall and process and timing of approval of application for new development at that location.
Council 11 June 2018