Parking for Developments Approved and Pending in the Downtown

The picture below shows developments in and adjacent to the downtown that have been approved (in Red, some are under construction) and where applications are under review (in Yellow) as of 14 August 2018.


Some facts:

If we just consider the developments between Bevan and Sidney/James White and assuming the development at the fire hall site is approved, these developments involve:

  • Payment in-lieu for 57 parking spaces
  • Variances to reduce requirements by 106 parking spaces
  • Elimination of 13 of the Town’s public parking spaces
  • Elimination of 55 privately-rented parking spaces in 2 commercial lots

The variances are: the affordable workforce rental housing development (44 spaces), the Star Cinema development (29 spaces), and the fire hall development (33 spaces).

If you want to see the details of Council’s decisions with respect to parking for developments during this term (for the entire Town, not just the downtown) have a look at this: Parking Summary 2018-08-14. To summarize: 16 developments were approved or are pending approval with less parking required by the bylaw. This represents a total of 184 parking spaces less than the bylaw requires, involving variances to reduce parking by 123 spaces and payment in-lieu for 61 spaces.

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